Sample is ill, loop is ill, track is ill, as dug up by the infamous beat maker Kalcium the Kid.

The sweetest language that 9TH knows.

ScHoolboy Q and Kendrick.

February 10, 2012

Best Youtube comment;

If I’m sad i listen to this song.
If I’m tired i listen to this song.
If I’m bored i listen to this song.
If I’m happy i listen to this song.
If I’m driving I’m listening to this song.

One of Kanye’s finest pieces of work, ‘Paid the price’ for his fellow Chi town boys, Do OR Die, taking on Shirley Murdock’s classic Go on without you.

Sounds like a 88 Keys joint? 1.26 is by far the best ‘theyyyy sayyyyyy…’

94′ or ’59? Fugees or Flamingos?
Get the record player out then you mug.

Anita Baker vs Drake & 9th

January 20, 2012

It’s Fridays Sweet love sample-session, ’87 vs ’11.


What you say ya’ll? Rapsody and her riot squad, Kooley High. Nice tunce, nice sample, nice pace, nice Carolina.

ill sample, ill emcee, ill beat, ill ill. Standard NC, Turn it up.