Dope, with a splash of trill.

Frankie Stew, one fraction of Concept of Thought, Harvey on the b, shot in the town of China -Press play or piss off.

The sweetest language that 9TH knows.

Buckshot is still nice.

March 8, 2012


E ness; own style, own flow, own steez, own words, own play with his words, own level, own dope.

We’ve been following him in the Uk since 02′, one of illadelphs finest.

ScHoolboy Q and Kendrick.

February 10, 2012

Best Youtube comment;

If I’m sad i listen to this song.
If I’m tired i listen to this song.
If I’m bored i listen to this song.
If I’m happy i listen to this song.
If I’m driving I’m listening to this song.

Frankie Stew steps up for the Brighton heads, standardly sick beats etc.

One of Kanye’s finest pieces of work, ‘Paid the price’ for his fellow Chi town boys, Do OR Die, taking on Shirley Murdock’s classic Go on without you.

94′ or ’59? Fugees or Flamingos?
Get the record player out then you mug.

Nonchalance in 01.59seconds, don’t try but sounds fly.