Frankie Stew, one fraction of Concept of Thought, Harvey on the b, shot in the town of China -Press play or piss off.

Whilst all these other mango and lime heads give us the average, one of Brightons own slips us the Extra Hot, with another delicately sampled and eloquent as fuck joint, entitled ‘Part of Me’.
One member of team SevenEightyEight was lucky enough to 3210 this dude with some Q’s.
So, from Cali rappers to Porsche watching, What’s the stew saying? If you don’t know, now you know.

Favourite year for HipHop?
The whole of the nineties, 91-99.

Artist to collab with tomorrow morning?
Blu! Definatley.

Dopest album pre 1999?
Tribe – The Anthology

Dopest album post 2000?
Fashawn – Boy Meets World, maybe not even the dopest, but I remember it being my favourite album for a long while.

Baby making choice of song?
J dilla & Common – Funky For You

Getting texas trill choice of song?
Pharcyde – Drop

A producer or MC everyone sleeps on?
Freddie Joachim has got some real nice stuff, and not a lot of people know about him, also Harvey Gunn, slept on, but a lot of dope stuff to come from him this year and years to come.

How would you define your style?
Relaxed and laid back lyrics to be honest, I’m just doing my thing, and if people like it, then that’s a good thing.

When can we cop a hard copy of something Frankie Stew?
No plans to charge anyone for my music anytime soon, i’m just releasing as much stuff as i can and enjoying making my music.

True story, saw a Porsche along the seafront the other day, 15mph, spilling out ‘Don’t think’ on max volume, How does the local support make you feel?
Really?! That’s nice to know that people actually rate the music…what Porsche was it? I’ll keep an eye out, haha.

How many ways are there to get your ex back?
There’s exactly 6 million ways.

Thanks for the questions, was enjoyable taking the time out to answer them, Much respect to SevenEightyEight.
Also much love to, Secret Other Family, The High Focus Team, Split Prophets, Barcode and my crew – Concept of Thought, Check them out aswell,
Frankie Stew.

Check out ‘Part of me’ below,

Frankie Stew steps up for the Brighton heads, standardly sick beats etc.

Frankie S teams up with Harvey Gunn as one third of Concept of thought, breathing fresh air on what normally seems like a predictable scene.
Second verse is nice as.
Not to mention their beats are pretty tight also.