Aretha Def

May 18, 2011

You’ve seen this already haven’t you?



Damn! A new EP of cover versions by our second favourite man in glasses, Mayer Hawthorne.

Look out for ‘Mr Blue Sky’ by ELO, its pretty special.

Butch Magnus.

May 11, 2011

Butch Magnus Off The BoonDocks : Episode “Shinin”!

The OG, Freda Payne:

Percee P (Madlib):

Afu Ra (Premo):

Wu-Tang (RZA):

Don’tttttttt Seeelllllllllllllllllllll………………….


March 24, 2011

The 9th Wonder of the World bringing his absolute A-Game to this one.
HaLo – Boom Bap for the Radio.

P Money with Live Band

March 11, 2011

How did we miss this? It’s sick. P kills it in the studio with Gentleman’s Dub Club, brass section, the works.

ess enn ones finest.

Did 788 hear you right? Did we hear you saying that you’re going to make a copy of a game without paying?

Come on guys, be serious, Don’t Copy That Floppy!

Produced by SIIA (formerly SPA) in 1992.

Dope as ice.

March 2, 2011

Put down your ps3controllers and go peep

right this minute MR and MRS!