LB ‘Curtain Call’

December 28, 2011

Always sad to see this one but dope nonetheless.

Coke and White bitches.

December 26, 2011


Fem Fel Fresh 60 Four

December 23, 2011

As the introducer of the infamous series of F64’s Fem Fel recently shared his own Fresh 64 bars with us.

JME recently premiered his new track on Rinse FM and it goes a little something like this.

Grab a girl and press play.

One of south London’s arrrdest Blade Brown gives us his new net video for track entitled ‘Sometimes’. Video shot and directed by Elmino.

Standard Simpson, Gully.

Kept my flow in cheque then I cashed it, flipped a tictac that was the tactic.

Standard Kevin Brown, Low budget.

This one’s sticky. Choirs Suicide Produced by Romo.