Strategy from Broke ‘n’ English having a sesh outside the Theatre of Dreams.

You’re just some kiddies getting pissy off a warm bevvy,
…Try to step up but they Slip / Call them John Terry.

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LORD! Me can’t take it no more.

There are 3 interesting things about this tune:

1) It’s a classic verse we all know from Biggie but nobody we’ve asked has heard the actual SuperCat tune before.

2) 3rd Eye drops the term ‘Bling Bling’ for the first time in history.

3) Puff Daddy attempts to copy Third Eye’s hardcore scatty flow, popular in nine-three, and sounds like he’s having a stroke.

Sample Monday

April 26, 2010

Bobby Womack – ‘And I Love Her’
Check the sample from LB’s Speed, at 0.02 seconds.

The Bobby Womack sample appears at 0.35 on Little Brother’s track Speed.

PackFM – Nasty

April 24, 2010

Nice tune. We like this dude because his new album is called ‘I fucking hate rappers’.

Check the audio below.

Listen free to this dope tribute mix by Hot 97’s Mister Cee.

“I make ya famous, turn around and make ya nameless
Cause you never understood to me how vital this rap game is.”

Mister Cee’s Throwback at Noon Guru Tribute on HOT 97

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Rapper Guru

April 21, 2010

SevenEightyEight pays respect to one of it’s finest, with a collection of five guaranteed Guru Bangers.

Check the playlist below, and hear the tracks at our YouTube Page.

1. Gang Starr – Skillz

2. Gang Starr – Full Clip

3. Gang Starr – Just To Get A Rep

4. Gang Starr – You Know My Steez

5. Gang Starr – Mass Appeal

Dinner’s served so yo come and get it.

SevenEightyEight presents Theme Time Radio Brap.

Our first theme is Food. Check the playlist below, and hear all the tracks at our YouTube page:


1. DJ Format & Abdominal- Ill Culinary Behaviour

2. Raekwon & Ghostface – Ice Cream

3. Westside Connection – Cheddar

4. Common & Kanye – The Food

5. The Coup – Fat Cats and Bigger Fish

6. Fat Boys – All You Can Eat

7. Edan – Beautiful Food

8. 9th Wonder & Buckshot – Food for Thought

9. De La Soul – Bitties in the BK Lounge

10. Masta Killa, RZA & ODB – Old Man. (Because of ODBs Big Mac cravings and the fact RA the Rugged Man is on BBQ duty in the video)

11. Goodie Mob – Soul Food

12. Foxy Brown – Candy

13. Notorious B.I.G. – What’s Beef?

What? Founder of Stones Throw Records Peanut Butter Wolf is playing Digital?

This is very likely to be dope. If you want to know more check the Facebook event here.

If you want to know what to expect, Stones Throw have kindly condensed one of his shows into under 2 minutes…

Down here at SevenEightyEight Towers we’ve had big cravings for more of The Wire.

Relief came yesterday in the form of  the new HBO series ‘Treme’. This is because the show is written by The Wire’s David Simon Eric Overmyer, and stars Wendell ‘Bunk’ Pierce as well as Clarke ‘Freamon’ Peters.

The music is consistantly good because the focus of the show is a brass band returning to New Orleans 3 months after Katrina. However, one particular tune stood out from the first episode. This is Louis Prima (a.k.a King Louis from the Jungle Book) from 1958 with Buona Sera.

Damn! This tune is so fly it’s in your soup doing backstroke.

Blacastan tells the story from the POV of the actual cassette. Video directed by and starring Lewis Recordings very own Dooley-O. We like to think he chose such a low-budget because it suits the idea of the track.